Charms 43 Items

Find the meaningful, darling new Charm that represents your story and add it to your Living Locket.


Living Lockets 8 Items

Choose a one-of-a-kind keepsake with these Living Lockets that will house all of those special memories.


Bracelets 6 Items

Layer on what you love with our Watches, Bracelets, and Bracelet Accessories.


Bracelet Accessories 6 Items

Create a one-of-a-kind Wrap Bracelet look with our collection of Plaques, Sliders and Expression Frames.


The Heirloom Living Locket Ring 4 Items

Wear your heart on your finger! Share what is most important to you with our beautiful keepsake Rings.


Chains 4 Items

Find a beautiful range of delicate and versatile Chains in different lengths you can customize for effortless styling, and that offer sophisticated texture and sparkle to your Living Locket®.


Chain Accessories 3 Items

Style your story with our collection of Chain Accessories.


Plates 15 Items

Bring your story full circle with a Plate that speaks to you.


Dangles 1 Items

Add Dangles to customize your Living Locket + Bracelet creations.


Earrings 4 Items

Make every day a special occasion with these alluring Earrings.


Core 14 Items

We’ve created even more reasons to love our CORE® Collection. Our delicate new Mementos are packed with incredible meaning and will remain constant reminders of protection, intuition, connection, confidence, femininity + strength and personal growth.


Essential Oil Blends + Disc Charms 2 Items

Embrace the mood-changing power of scent with our collection of four Moodology 100% pure essential oil blends and the Moodology Filigree Mood Discs.


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